Thank You for a great 2021. Dec 2021

Thank You for a great 2021 DECEMBER 2021 Dear Delusionals, We’re nearing the end of the year and I’m finally getting around to that wrap up post. Oh I’m sure you’ve been on pins and needles waiting for this, right? Right?! (Cough) Anyway, despite the lateness, the memories of Delusion: Reaper’s Remorse still linger. I […]

Delusion Spring Update. May 2021

Delusion Update Spring 2021 MAy 2021 Delusionals! We’re inching closer and closer to real life again… and to this Fall’s highly anticipated season! There’s so much talk about making up for lost time. So many things we all want to do outside of a screen. I plan to throw all my devices in the ocean […]

Delusion Returns This Fall. Apr 2021

Delusion Returns Fall 2021 April 2021 Dear Delusionals: The light at the end of the dreadful tunnel nears. After over a year of keeping people apart with a devastating pandemic, 3 years since the live sci-fi adventure The Blue Blade, and 5 years since our last horror play His Crimson Queen, we just can’t take it anymore. Delusion […]

First Ever Delusion Blog Post! Oct 2020

First Ever Delusion Blog Post! October 2020 About damn time, right?! An outlet for my weird and random thoughts (this’ll get awkward). And sure… a means to keep Delusionals updated and in touch as well. Strap in my friends! My how the world has changed since last we connected. Well, for the most part, people […]