First Ever Delusion Blog Post!
October 2020

About damn time, right?! An outlet for my weird and random thoughts (this’ll get awkward). And sure… a means to keep Delusionals updated and in touch as well. Strap in my friends!

My how the world has changed since last we connected. Well, for the most part, people have changed. Animals are still cool. They’re probably rolling their eyes though. “Can y’all just take a breath and calm down?!” said the gazelle as it rested peacefully in the jaws of a crocodile. Yet despite our time apart, Delusion (and I) have seriously missed you. And perhaps you’ve missed us too? I’ll go with an emphatic YES!

So given the time of year, let’s state the obvious and move on. Although we could all use a Delusion escape, there will be no live production this Fall season (sniff sniff). The plan was to return to our horror roots and bring about another one-of-a-kind production as we’ve done six seasons prior, but the world laughed at our plans. So we look to 2021 for another stellar adventure! Moving on…

I imagine many of you are like me. Strikingly handsome and intelligent you say? No, but thank you so much! I’m talking about what it takes to resist another type of virus. One perhaps more poisonous than our current airborne nemesis. That is, negativity and pessimism. No one is completely immune to the corruption brought on by all the doom and gloom(ers) out there, yet the world turns and so do we. Or we don’t and get left behind in a cynical cyclone of shit. I choose world-turning!

On that note, I’ve been in creative development mode during these strange times. Writing for Delusion and non-Delusion projects I can’t wait to speak of (another time). Yet during this creative time, a thought kept rising to the surface. When everything is so damn serious and everyone is running so damn hot these days, how should I react? What is my purpose? What is Delusion’s purpose?

Covid was/is a massive blow. From the beginning, Delusion’s mission was to bind friends, family and strangers through otherworldly adventures. I’m proud to say we lead the way in this new medium. We provide a unique and vital means of escape where real human connection can take place and imagination can reignite outside of a digital world. So the idea that a virus would come along and be the complete antithesis to that mission was soul crushing. It went against everything Delusion stood for and the fact that we could do nothing about it was maddening.

So what is my/Delusion’s purpose? Just like there’s a place for seriousness, there’s a place for play. There must be balance. And when I say play I mean it in the holistic sense. Play is imagination and wonder. Play inspires. Play is crawling through a Mayan cave or hiding under a bed from a monster. Engage more with other humans in a playful way and we will all be better for it. This is Delusion’s place in the world. And when the world opens up, when the clamoring for in-person experiences such as Delusion becomes deafening (I can hear it now), we’ll make good on the mission once again.

To that end, we can’t be completely absent from the spooky season, can we?! I NEED MY DELUSION FIX TOO! Therefore, I’m beyond proud to present a fan favorite play as a traditional movie. The Delusion: Lies Within story (Season One) that released as a VR series will be brought to your screens to enjoy with friends and family without a VR headset. Snuggle up and feel the fall vibes. Blow it up on your big screen and crank it loud. I love the music and sound design. Fun fact, I wrote the lyrics for the song within Marion’s Chamber because we couldn’t get the rights to “I’ve Got The World On A String” by Bing Crosby. Come on, that song is over 80 years old! But everything happens for a reason, right? I’m thankful they refused.

Wrapping it up here. So how’d I do on my very first blog? From my end, you’re an excellent listener, thank you! Now let me repay the favor. I want to hear from my fellow Delusionals. How are you finding balance during this shit show? And can you bring me a pumpkin spice latte? Feel free to leave a comment below and/or stay in touch via email. I’ve met so many of you during past productions and can honestly say I’ve loved (almost) every encounter. Almost 😉 In the meantime, go support your favorite interactive theatre company and enjoy Season One of the Delusion Lies Within story over a hot cup of cocoa on a chilly Fall night!

Wishing you the very best of health and happiness. We will chat, and play, again soon!

Jon Braver.