Jon’s personal and professional life has been, and continues to be, eclectic and exciting to say the least. A Film, VR and Theatre writer/director, action coordinator, stuntman, creative consultant for Disney Imagineering and musician, Jon’s unusual range of talent gives him a keen ability to deliver his original, creative vision. His work with some of the top directors in the business on titles such as Tenet, The Dark Knight Rises, Ironman, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones 4 has helped bring his passion project to life: DELUSION, the first ever interactive horror theatre company. Hailed as LA’s most successful interactive theatre experience for 7 consecutive years, DELUSION engages with audiences to play their part in fantastical and otherworldly tales. This “moving play” set the industry standards for interactive theatre nationally, placing Jon and DELUSION as vanguards in this emerging space.

Creator/Writer/Director/Stunt Coordinator
Jon Braver

Executive Producer
Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group

Casting Director
Aleeycia Hollman

Production Designer
Cryptic Industries

Special Creatures/Creature FX
Jim Beinke & Paul Palos

Dave Brzozowski

VFX Designer
Jesse Kirberger

Sound Design
Victor Mathieu

Sound & Lighting Install/ Technical Supervisor
Diablo Immersive

Art Director
Joseph Kidwski

Costumes/ Hair/ Makeup
Cat Elrod

Stage Manager
Sati Thyme


Sidney Aaron Aptaker


Sidney is so excited to be making their Delusion debut and jump headfirst into the world of immersive theatre! She earned a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Cal State Fullerton and has been acting for about 12 years now. Enjoy the show!

Shannon Bengston

Lily Phillips

Originally from Washington, Shannon is thrilled to be making her Delusion debut. She has been acting in LA for the last five years but has been a lifelong theatre and horror dork. Check her out at @ssbengston

Brian Bentz

Caretaker & Caretaker Stunt

Brian is thrilled to return to his second Delusion show after The Blue Blade. He has appeared in film and television and received his BA in Theatre from the University of Iowa.

Benjamin Scott Berg

Will Shraver & Simon Nevsky

Grateful to be performing again, this is Benjamin’s 3rd show within the Delusion universe. Thank you Anes, for putting up with all of my [loud] rehearsals in the walk-in closet. @jaminscotti

Valerie Brewster

Piano Teacher

Valerie is a classically trained dancer of twenty five years and dances professionally with several Contemporary companies in the area. She is also a dance teacher and choreographer and enjoys a life filled with dance.

Charlotte Bjornbak

Esther Phillips & Piano Teacher

Hailing from Denmark, Charlotte is an award winning actress, who has numerous film and TV roles under her belt. With a background in theater, she still holds the stage close to her heart and is thrilled to return to Delusion.

Kacey Camp

Esther Phillips

In Delusion: Her Crimson Queen (2016), Kacey was a basement Bride who locked people in coffins and bit them in the dark. This year she’s the Hostess with the Mostess…Souls! See Kacey’s other credits here:

Stephan Smith Collins

Caretaker & Louis Phillips


Brigit Comeau

Eli & Lily Phillips

Jola Cora


Jola is Swiss-Italian Polish, she was born in Geneva and started acting in Warsaw, first on stage, then in films. She also writes and directs.

Carol Damgen

Esther Phillips

Carol is an award-winning actor, director, and playwright. Recent theatre credits range from Hamlet to Circle Mirror Transformation. This is her first season with Delusion.

Tyler Davidson

Will Shraver & Caretaker

Tyler is a writer, actor, and professional wrestler from Riverside, CA. Since 2019, he’s performed with Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater, and this year, played J.P. Sando in Elsewhere at the Madcap Motel.

Alexander Demers

Will Shraver

Nerea Duhart

Lily Phillips

Best known for her immersive roles in ARCANA, Rochester 1996, Haus of Creep, Delusion: Blue Blade & feature film Astraea.

Lexi Eiserman

Lily Phillips

Lexi, unicorn enthusiast and true crime fanatic, is super excited to be making her Delusion debut! Check out Lexi and her husband’s band, “Ghost Tours,” on all music platforms!

Gabie Faulkner

Lily Phillips

Robert Fleet

Louis Phillips

Robert Fleet is an actor/writer/director, best known as an actor for his roles in Tread, Player and J. Edgar. He began his professional career with a Chinese theater troupe at New York’s famed LaMama (it was the ’70s).

Ian Heath

Will Shraver, Manny Manners, Simon Nevsky, Louis Phillips


Ian is delighted to be part of his second Delusion. He can be found around Los Angeles playing lecherous vampires, creeping shadows, Victorian dandies, and literal works of art.

James Holguin

Nicholas Lowell
(Magician/Dark Arts lounge)

James “Jimmy H” Holguin is one of Southern California’s most sought after magicians. His knack for mystifying audiences and leaving them in wonder is a welcome addition to the Delusion cast.

Skye Lafontaine

Priss & Piano Teacher

Skye is thrilled to be back performing with the Delusion family this year after such a long break! With 3 delusion credits, and a long history of performances under her belt, Skye is so happy live theater is back and better than ever!

Peggy Magee

Piano Teacher & Esther Phillips


Originated the Ringmaster character at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and inhabited the role for six years. Created the role of the pirate Captain Killigrew at Dark Horizon in Orlando, Florida.

Russ Marchand


Russ is thrilled to make his Delusion debut with Reapers Remorse! Most of his career has been focused on making you laugh, so he is really enjoying this chance to fill you with fear.

Steven Natale

Caretaker Stunt

Scott Glenn Roberts

Will Shraver & Manny Manners

Honored to join this band of ghouls after a year in the dark; I feel home again. Heather my love, thank you for giving me the guideful push I needed.

Jinny Ryan

Lily Phillips

Jinny is originally from Holliston, MA and received her BFA in Screen Acting (and a minor in Neuroscience) from Chapman University. She is extremely passionate about the arts, social justice, and pizza.

Stephanie Schulz

Esther Phillips

This is Stephanie’s first performance with Enter Delusion/Thirteenth Floor Entertainment. She’s an alumni of the Steppenwolf Theatre West Intensive program, studying under the tutelage of Jeff Perry and Alexandra Billings.

Kyle Slaton

Manny Manners & Simon Nevsky

Zachary Smalley

Will Shraver & Simon Nevsky

Studied theatre at Kansas State University and loves performing in immersive theatre. Zachary would like to shout out his family for their love, support, and dedication.

Lisa Stanley

Esther Phillips

Lisa is very well-known in the immersive theatre community, having done 5 previous shows in the Los Angeles area. In addition to acting in TV and film, Lisa is also a professional singer, dancer, clothing designer and self-proclaimed dogaholic.

Summer Stratton


Summer has been performing throughout Los Angeles County for over 10 years. She is thrilled to be part of the Delusion cast and to be performing live again!

Katie Peabody

Lily Phillips

Katie Peabody has performed in the immersive shows, In Another Room, Everyone Agrees It’s About to Explode, Creep LA: Awake, and more. Recent film credits include; Lear’s Shadow, Eminence Hill, Watermark, and Anniversary. In addition to acting, Peabody works as a film producer.

Caitlin Wiggins

Lily Phillips & Priss

Caiti is thrilled to be back at Delusion for their third year, you may have seen them before in Blue Blade or His Crimson Queen, or playing on stages around NoHo. Check them out at


Cody Andersen

Kera Armendariz

Chris Baab

Lilia Deering

Jacob Demonte-Finn

Flavio Díaz Jr

Thomas Everts

Lauren Flores

Leslie Gladney

Juan Lozano

Mark Munguia

Marley Oyen

Stephanie Pereida

Laura Rin

Liam Rose

Marley Oyen

Ernie Stifel

Leah Waters-Katz

Jesse Rothstien


Sara Abrahamsson

Dasha Kittridge

Cynthia Wilson


Antonieta Carpio

Elizabeth Eichler

Ray Jones

Denise Kha

Payton McNamee

Stunt Operator

Lauren McCuen

Courtney Rhodes

Sati Thyme

Eduardo Valdez​


Guadelupe Garcia

Denise Kha

Will Shivers

Sati Thyme


Sean Bouchard

Martzi Campos

Patrick Fye

Jesse Vigil


BlueSpark Studios

The City of Pomona


Elevated Security

Emergency-1 Response

Fog It Up

Kinetic Lighting


Deborah Clifford and the Historical Society of Pomona Valley