Delusion Update Spring 2021
MAy 2021


We’re inching closer and closer to real life again… and to this Fall’s highly anticipated season! There’s so much talk about making up for lost time. So many things we all want to do outside of a screen. I plan to throw all my devices in the ocean (then promptly gather them up and sink them in a bowl of rice, apologizing profusely). Yet hopefully, this build-up of momentum will help spark a resurgence in what it means to be part of live experiences again.

So much has happened since my last blog post. Here’s a quick summary in case you’re interested…. which I assume you are since you’re reading this:

  • I joined Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group [TFEG], the largest Haunted House company in the world, as their Director of Immersive Entertainment! We will be working to create a new department to bring unique and otherworldly experiences to our fans around the nation (and eventually the globe)! How cool is that?! (Very.)
  • Our first production will be none other than Delusion’s big return to horror THIS FALL! To be reminded of season’s past and get excited for what’s to come, check out the DELUSION TRAILER.
  • I wrapped up Draft One of the interactive play a couple days ago. Holy hell I’m loving this haunting story. My focus was to make this play truly engaging, terribly fun and viscerally horrifying!! All with less diatribe/dialogue than previous years. Yes, yes… I can get a bit verbose at times and thought to keep this one moving, so you’ll definitely want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes!

And now, with the CDC recommending no masks indoors or out if you’re fully vaccinated, we see real hope! Our cast and crew will all be vaxxed so we’re looking to have a return to normal, intimate operations by opening day! I can’t tell you how euphoric this feels. Delusion’s return will play its part in helping to reconnect us humans once again.

Make sure you’re a subscriber and look out for announcements about pre-sale tickets soon! In the meantime, please leave a comment and share what you’re most looking forward to doing this Fall season! (The correct answer is Delusion!)

Jon Braver.

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  1. Absolutely my answer is DELUSION! And I’m not just saying that for Mr. Braver. I can’t wait to reconnect with the friends I’ve made in the world of Delusion – and introduce some other friends to Delusion (an offering, of sorts).

  2. Delusions is my top experience for the haunt holidays. It truly is somewhat of family affair. I cant tell you how excited we are that you are returning. Its always been an amazing experience. Here’s hoping to secure tickets. Cheers my friends!!

  3. Some of my favorite moments in Delusion are the more physical moments–hiding under the table in Lies Beneath, using the trolley thing in the basement in His Crimson Queen, and swinging over the “river” in The Blue Blade. I hope you include more of these physical elements in the fall! Let’s do some climbing/crawling/sliding! Can’t wait.
    Ryan Davis
    Media Geeks

  4. Halloween season is not only my favorite time of the year, but special since the 31st is my anniversary with my girlfriend. I’ve had the pleasure of going to a few of the delusion experiences, and I’m blown away each time. I can’t wait to finally go back to the roots of horror this upcoming fall. Thanks Jon and the whole team of Delusion for bringing us together again for one horror roller coaster!

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