Delusion Returns Fall 2021
April 2021

Dear Delusionals:

The light at the end of the dreadful tunnel nears. After over a year of keeping people apart with a devastating pandemic, 3 years since the live sci-fi adventure The Blue Blade, and 5 years since our last horror play His Crimson Queen, we just can’t take it anymore.

Delusion will return to its horror roots this Fall!

Never has there been a more dire need for in-person human connection. Since 2011, Delusion has led the way in interactive theater, spawning a trend in this emerging space. For years we have brought thousands of people together through our otherworldly “moving plays”. There is truly nothing like it.

Last year, we were robbed of our Fall (magic) season. Since then, Delusion has taken on new meaning. This is not just entertainment. We want to be part of the process to revitalize that visceral connection through our productions. We need each other. We need stories. We need shared experiences. We remember how we started and have listened to you, our fans.

With that said, this Fall, Delusion will create another original, terrifying and live interactive play. Yes…. live and in person. While no one knows what Covid will bring, we won’t sit idly by and let our connection to you dissipate any further.

So what’s next? Subscribe with your most current info. Seriously. Do it now. You will have first crack at tickets when they become available. As far as the show itself, I will fill you in when the time is right.

Get excited Delusionals. We have all been waiting for this.

Jon Braver.