The Hypnotist


From director Jon Braver, creator of the hit interactive theatre series “Delusion”, comes the epic short film The Hypnotist. A psychological adventure through the mind. Braver’s style blends originality with his greatest influences; a mix of the adventure of Indiana Jones, the mind games of Inception and the practical sets and effects of a Terry Gilliam picture.

SYNOPSIS: The brilliant psychiatrist Dr. Elijah Lowell, a descendent of the infamous Dr. Frederick Lowell, has been placed on forced sabbatical. His revolutionary device that allows someone to enter another’s unconscious mind has been deemed too dangerous. And like the device, the man’s personal life has become unstable. His relationship with his co-worker wife Gwen is broken, and his mutual lust over a mysterious Italian scientist named Elena plunge the three into an epic emotional roller coaster. After a mysterious accident causes Gwen to fall into a deep coma, Elena offers to help Dr. Lowell retrieve the device and attempt to pull Gwen out of her coma. Yet emotions sway the workings of the mind, and the device, as Elena must choose between the love for the man, or his machine.

Written and Directed by Jon Braver

Produced by Jackie Kreterfield, Niyia Mack, and Sarah Glendening

Haunted Play Productions Presents a Jon Braver Film “The Hypnotist”

Starring Brandon Wardell, Heidi Rhodes, and Sophia Marzocchi

Music by Siddartha Barnhoorn

Produced by Brandon Wardell

Edited by Will Shivers

Written by Will Shivers and Jon Braver

Director of Photography Chris Faulisi

Production Design by Christopher Reed

Visual FX by Bluespark Studios

Casting by Dasha Kittredge

Make-Up Effects by Adrian Mercato and Noemi Baltazar

Costumes by Cat Elrod