Masque of Mortality

Masque of Mortality 2013

In a dilapidated church and nunnery in the eclectic Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles, a haunting tale unfolded. The 50 minute experience led groups into a dark and mysterious refuge from a plague-ridden world in 1931.

This purported “refuge” proved to be far from the truth. Rumor of a cult known as “The Plague Doctors” have promised a remedy to our pitiful existence as well as the blight. This false hope has led the audience into the depths of a nightmare.

Written and Directed by Jon Braver

Produced by Glendell

Creative Supervisor/Assistant Director Victor Mathieu

Production Design by Chris Reed and Mac Maker

Lighting Design by Ian Momii

Sound Design by Jon Braver & Victor Mathieu

FX Makeup and Costume Design by Cat Elrod

Score by Siddartha Barnhoorn