Lies Within


The play was regarded as the most epic to date. It sold out before opening and ran from Sept. 24th to Nov. 16th, 2014. Diving into creator Jon Braver’s roots in fantasy adventure, Lies Within placed the audience in the role of rabid fans Elena Fitzgerald; a reclusive, dark fantasy author who has gone missing, along with her daughter Mary. Determined to uncover the whereabouts of their favorite novelist, the audience choose to break into her manor. Once inside, the fabric of reality tears apart as Elena’s literary characters come to life, sworn to protect and guide their creator toward finishing her greatest novel.

Written by Jon Braver and Peter Cameron

Directed by Jon Braver

Produced by Glendell

Creative Supervisor/Assistant Director Victor Mathieu

Production Design by Kevin Williams

Lighting Design by Ian Momii

Sound Design by Jon Braver & Victor Mathieu

Creature FX by Jim Beinke

FX Makeup and Costume Design by Cat Elrod

Score by Siddartha Barnhoorn