In accordance with local requirements, all Delusion guests will be required to wear masks while indoors during the performance. Delusion is an interactive theater experience and you will be asked to “Play Your Part” in the show. The actors will speak to you, ask you to participate and require you to complete tasks. However, should you prefer that cast members maintain a less intimate distance during your interactions with them, you may opt out by wearing a wristband that we will provide you at check in. We are pleased to announce that all of the cast and crew members of Delusion have been vaccinated, and we can’t wait to see all of you soon!


Guests are free to explore the open world anytime during operating hours on the day of their show. 


Designated check-in time for the interactive play Delusion: Reaper’s Remorse (roughly 1.5 hour experience) is located on your ticket. PLEASE ARRIVE NO LATER THAN YOUR DESIGNATED CHECK-IN TIME. IF YOU ARRIVE 15 MINUTES LATE WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE YOU. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.

The Reaper’s Remorse check-in time (underlined in magenta) is reflective of the time you will enter the interactive play portion of your show. From your check-in time, your interactive play experience will last roughly 1.5 hours.

The time listed at the top of your ticket (underlined in teal) is when you are permitted to enter the property and experience the Open World and all it has to offer.


On site upgrades subject to availability.

Access to the secluded 2nd Floor Explore the Phillips private collection of more personal artifacts, uncovering exclusive story threads Enter the Dark Arts Private Bar & Lounge and perhaps a chance encounter with the mansion’s strange, magical and eccentric resident Signed Poster from Delusion Creator Jon Braver


This year’s experience will be held at the historic Phillips Mansion. Address: 2640 Pomona Blvd, Pomona, CA 91768. There is plenty of free street parking available.Please do not park in our neighbor’s parking lots.


Visit our FAQ page for further assistance