Pomona, CA
The Phillips Estate


“Remind me to decline any future invites from Esther Phillips!” Wise words from a former guest of the mysterious Miss Phillips. Rumor has it that she poisoned her guests at an elaborate pretense of a party, forcing them to collect souls in exchange for an antidote. Yet the antidote was no such thing. The two-part poison caused the dead to pile up. Soon after, Miss Phillips disappeared. Yet the mystery surrounding her spreads like a blight.

Fall 1974

Since her disappearance over twenty years ago, a cult known as The Hollows has born. Fanatics from around the world have come to the estate, driven by a promise of a gift beyond this life, if only they would die on her grounds.

The cult and its elusive matriarch remain shrouded in mystery. Yet, a lead has emerged. An ex cult member has left you an odd message. Her little brother is missing. She fears he’s been swept into the cult. During her search, she claims to have witnessed a groundskeeper transporting bodies from a local cemetery back to the Phillips Estate.

She pleads for you to meet her at the Estate. Under the cover of fog and darkness, you will infiltrate The Hollows and uncover the truth behind one of the most disturbing cults in American history.

Play Your Part

Guests played the role of Deprogrammers; those meant to help rescue people from the influence of cults. During the 1970’s there was an influx of cults popping up around the United States such as Jonestown, Children of God and The Manson Family. Playing upon this phenomenon, Delusion will delve into an era and theme never before explored, swallowing its guests into its most disturbing interactive play to date.

Creator/Writer/Director/Stunt Coordinator
Jon Braver

Executive Producer
Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group

Dave Brzozowski

Casting Director
Aleeycia Hollman

Production Designer
Cryptic Industries

Special Creatures/Creature FX
Jim Beinke & Paul Palos

VFX Designer
Jesse Kirberger

Sound Design
Victor Mathieu

Sound & Lighting Install/ Technical Supervisor
Diablo Immersive

Production Manager
Spencer Williams

Costumes/ Hair/ Makeup
Cat Elrod

Stage Manager
Sati Thyme​