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Since 2011, guests have played their part in the most visceral, captivating and unique live experience in the world. A living, breathing world of fantastical horror where stories come to vivid life, and guests become integral actors in the unfolding narrative. Yet this tapestry of terror is more than simply shows. 

With Nocturnes & Nightmares, we learn there is more to the Delusion saga than meets the eye. A mysterious figure known only as The Author has apparently penned every Delusion story since its inception. Bringing words to life. Ink to reality. More a curse than a gift as The Author plays with fire. 

Devoted fans (our guests) will be swallowed into various stories and connect with characters both dire and beloved as they track down the mysterious author behind the Delusion series and learn of a disturbing agenda.

For those teetering on the edge of madness, the otherworldly Phillips Mansion will embrace you with an evening of Spectres & Spirits. Guests will lurk through dark halls and twisted corners of the expansive mansion as they delight in the many dark offerings of this sinister soiree.

Included with your Nocturnes & Nightmares ticket


Manny Manners: One might come across the strange and proper doll Manny Manners who believes he, not Esther Phillips, is in fact the host of the evening. If you happen upon the bow tied Mr. Manners, let him take you on a secret journey through the halls of the mansion. Who knows? If he likes you, you may learn a dark secret or two such as who the hell is in that attic?!

Esther Phillips: The elegant Esther Phillips has a storied past. Rumor has it that she murdered her husband Louis. The fact that he is nowhere to be found doesn’t help her cause, but she doesn’t care as she revels in the cast of characters around her. Guests can learn much if they were to pick their poison, and join her for a drink. 

The Parlour Room: A hauntingly beautiful and entertaining hall of music, drinks and secrets. Guests can connect with fellow spirits, dance to the lively music, lounge in a dark embrace of comfort, and listen to the captured souls held within strange artifacts. 

The Study (Merch): The eerily lit, yet warm and inviting library displays shelves of fantasy, horror and sci-fi novels, odd trinkets and mysterious artifacts (some with the souls of the recently departed help captive within). Upon entering the study, we can feel the dark energy of the arcane held within. Perhaps somewhere hidden we may find the means to connect with whatever lies within the dark attic above.  

The Dining Room: A darkly elegant dining room where guests can meet and connect with fellow Delusionals. 

The Garden Bar (Full Bar): A darkly romantic outdoor garden bar off the south porch hosts a show themed full bar and delightful food options.


TV Room: Why are those puppets staring at me?! Seated within an eerie TV room we find a family of puppets watching guests as they venture in. Perhaps if one were to find the TV remote they can avoid their disturbing gaze. 

Marion’s Chamber Bar (Full Bar): Marion, the silent master of puppets, hosts guests within a haunting delight of puppet mastery and delectable drinks. If he catches your eye, follow him toward one of the walls where various ropes dangle. There you can manipulate puppets that hang from the ceiling, making these stringed slaves dance to the haunting music. 

The Dark Arts Theater: An intimate candlelit theater hosts a variety of artists from eccentric magicians to nocturnal musicians. 

The Spectre: Through a narrow staircase and into the dark above,  something haunts the attic of the Phillips Mansion. Only those who have uncover the incantation hidden somewhere in the mansion may summon the dead, and learn of a darker truth held within the Phillips Mansion.


This year, for the first time, Delusions offers you the opportunity to truly “Play Your Part” in this year’s show. Upgrade your experience to get an inside view of what makes Delusion “the gold standard of horror theater.”

An unforgettable journey awaits those willing to delve deeper into the Delusion saga. You will venture beyond the Phillips Mansion to the back house where the narrative play unfolds. Once there, a private bar awaits you in the eerie ballroom, right next to where the show is actually happening. Enjoy exclusive themed drinks and interact with actors as you watch live scenes from monitors within the VIP lounge!

Donning torn and tattered clothing, you will be led into the foyer of the house where a special scene from the narrative play will soon begin. As the other guests in the play arrive for their scene, you will play your part as the rising dead, helping to further the story and terrorize other guests!

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